$2500 Ohio EPA Scholarship


College education has not been the cheapest or the easiest thing to have the past few years. Due to circumstances affecting both the students and the ones backing up their education, sending someone to college seems to have become a luxury only a few could afford. For students, the stress caused by sheer academic load and suffocating schedules is not getting easier while the price of tertiary education is not also getting any lower, giving parents of guardians more headaches.

As a response to this, a lot of people have been searching for new ways to attain their college diploma and one of the more famous methods of doing so is by taking online classes. Online schooling has been a widely accepted concept nowadays embraced by people who want to get a college diploma with convenience. With the help of accredited online universities, courses are brought closer to people.

In line with this, a lot of scholarships have also been surfacing the internet to provide deserving people with opportunities to study and finish their college education. A lot of organizations have been on the look for students deserving of such grants and one of them is the Ohio Academy of Science with its Ohio EPA Scholarship.

The Ohio EPA Scholarship is a scholarship given to Ohio State or private college undergraduate students and can amount to $2500. The recipients of this grant have to be entering their final year in either the environmental sciences or environmental engineering programs of the school. The money that will be received by the grantees may use it foraccredited online universities to cover expenses for tuition, books, other fees, equipment, and the likes, except for housing or lodging.

To be an eligible applicant, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Aside from that, your internships, employment, and other external activities will also be looked at together with your extracurricular activities and role in actively participated organizations. When applying, you will also be required to submit letters of recommendation from previous advisors or mentors in the field of environmental sciences.

The scholarship grant is nonrenewable for online classes in both the 2 and 4-year programs. These two have different application requirements and are both nonrenewable, merit-based grants.

For the application process itself, head on to the website of Ohio Academy of Science where you can find the rest of the application requirements such as the form and where to submit them. For further inquiries, you can also visit the same website or email the organization.

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