$500Annual Student Scholarship

Due to the various challenges faced by students and the people surrounding them, college education has slowly but surely become a luxury only a few can afford. Proven by the increasing prices of fees and materials for school, tertiary education has actually become quite inaccessible for aspirants. To add to that, a lot of college students have also been dealing with a lot of stress lately provided by the environment of schools.

These burdens have stacked up and have pushed a lot of people away from getting there college diploma which then cause more and more people to search for alternatives and other ways to lessen the burden. Academic and athletic scholarships are just some of the few ways to get into a college without worrying much about the financial matters of things. On the other hand, attending online college classes is also a way to get your college diploma without enduring the suffocating scheduling of college. Online education has been patronized lately due to its numerous benefits.

Fortunately, aside from these ways, a lot of different scholarships have also surfaced through the internet providing students with more opportunities topursue their online college classessuch as the Annual Student Scholarship provided by DontPayFull.

DontPayFull is a coupon company providing deals and discounts to their customers in order to help people save money. The organization now also recognizes how the price of education has gone up the past few years. Due to this, the organization is now investing on students who are in need of financial assistance for their education. The scholarship amounts to $500 and is eligible for college tuition fees although they also have offers for High School and Universities. The DontPayFull Student Scholarship is given every year and is not renewable although you may apply each year.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants are required to fill out an application form which can be accessed through the website of the organization. Aside from the personal information required in the application form, the applicants will also be required to answer 3 questions in a short essay form with a minimum of 350 words in every answer and a total maximum of 5000 words. A proof of education must also be attached to the application form.

The winners will be based of the essay and will be announced through the social media pages of DontPayFull and through email as well. Recipients of the funds may use it for educational expenses such as materials and tuition fees. For more information about the scholarship and the institution itself, you may visit their website. This scholarship is just one of the many opportunities you may want to explore aside from online education.

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