$750 Ruth Miller Challenge Scholarship

A lot of things have changed now when talking about college education and college in general. More and more students are reconsidering their options due to the numerous stressors that college presents to them. In addition to that, the academic load of tertiary education has increased by a considerable amount, again, causing more students to consider giving up on school. Aside from that, the financial burden of sending someone to college and studying in college is also not to be taken lightly which is why more people are trying to search for grants for school to at least ease off some of the monetary loads.

In line with this, a lot of alternatives have surfaced to help people reach their goals of receiving a college diploma. Aside from the student grants for school mentioned earlier, a lot of people are now also taking up online classes due to its several pros. Online education is an idea that has been around for quite some time and patronized by people since it responds to some of the challenges facing college-aspirants.

One of online education’s biggest upside is the number of scholarship opportunities you may be able to encounter though your course of studies. As a testament to this, the University of Wisconsin- Platteville has several of those grants for school such as the Ruth Miller Challenge Scholarship. The Ruth Miller Challenge Scholarship is a scholarship which can be worth up to $750 for students of the University taking up or thinking of pursuing an undergraduate course in Business Administration. The scholarship was created by Ruth Miller, a graduate of the same university and program, in order to give back to her days taking up online classes.

In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, you must be an enrolled student at the University of Wisconsin- Platteville Distance Learning Center taking up the BS Business Administration program. You must also have at least 30 credits in the university in order to apply, as well as a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applicant will be required to submit a 500-1000-word essay on the challenges he/she is facing while pursuing his/her undergraduate degree. Aside from the essay, an application form must also be completed with an attached resume.

For more information about the scholarship such as its full history and other requirements, you may visit the website of the University of Wisconsin- Platteville. You may also download the application form as well as other resources in the website together with the full criteria for applicants.

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