Cambridge International Scholarships for PhD Students in UK, 2018

Cambridge has been on the frontier of advancing great educational causes. Not only that, the university has long served as a bastion of education – both offline, and as it is these days, online.

Better still, Cambridge has offered thousands of scholarships to its pupils throughout the years, ranging from the simples ones to the most sophisticated one. The University has also been trying to stay at the forefront of diversity, bringing students from various countries into its fold.

Today, Cambridge International Scholarships are targeted at students who want to pursue a PhD degree in the United Kingdom – definitely an enviable aspiration.

Distance learning is another alternative, because admittedly, not everyone is going to make it in Cambridge. However, is this that much of a problem, should you really fret over not being able to make the cut? The simple answer is no. Even though every good university will strive to take up all great candidates out there, they simply cannot and we can understand this.

However an alternative such as distance learning can come quite handy to anyone who really sets their mind to learn and know more about his respective field of interest. We maintain that distance learning is about as efficient as any other means of instruction as long as the candidate and the institution providing the service are both but to snuff.

And as digitalisation marches forward, promising to transform every aspect of our lives, online college classesare picking up puff. And much like distance learning, online college classes offer great alternatives to mainstream educational institutions.

Now, it does not all have to be about the pricing of the service. Quite frankly,  we want to see progress right off the bat, but that takes time and there are no two ways about it.

But education will continue to change dramatically. So much that one day the need for an actual university, classrooms and all may actually be done away with. As it is today, we are continuously busy today and hardly have time for respite. Pursuing education at a university is a great thing if we can afford it – both in terms of funds and time management. If not, there are still great and just as good opportunities to learn and study.


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