Yousef Jameel Scholarship for Africans at Cambridge University UK, 2018

Going after distance learning programs is not too shabby of an idea at all. Trust us, we have tried it and it has worked. Today, education is ever more accessible. You need not worry much about landing a degree program because it will work. Now, we do not mean to stipulate that if you fail to meet the academic requirement you will get accepted in any decent institution at all.

Quite on the contrary, you will be shunned, so we advise that anyone interested in obtaining a distance learning degree does so while taking into consideration every last fact that such degrees presuppose. The distance learning degree has a great potential to advance any apt pupil’s career even further.

Let us stop and think then about the nature of education today. It is different in so many incredulous and baffling ways. Digitalisation. This will be the drumbeat of any change that happens hereafter to education as we know it. Small wonder. Digitalisation has taken every other aspect, significant one that is by storm, so why would it not encroach on our methods of instructions.

But digitalisation is not necessarily a bad thing so fret not. By going after distance learning programs you are indeed supporting digitalisation, but who cares since it’s not a bad thing?

Meanwhile, mainstream institutions such as the University of Cambridge has been trying to counterweigh this trend and introduce its own very own and special scholarships that would help students from all corners of the globe to get down to some serious learning.

For the most part, students who have gone after a distance learning degree have done so out of necessity. Small wonder then their numbers are multiplying. Cambridge has released a series of offering that are intended at students who want to study in one of the world’s best institutions but come from a poor background and a still developing country.

The good news is that Cambridge has taken it upon itself and quite seriously too to alleviate the financial burden for such students. But until such a time that the university figures out a way to cater to all academically apt students, we need to admit the simple truth – distance learning programs will continue to abound.

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