AIThuraya Cambridge Scholarship for African Students in UK, 2018

The confines of the digital classroom have been diminishing so much that they are almost nonexistent these days. The more the case for online education is being made, the more versatile such practices will become. There is no denying that online education is here to stay and we can hardly resist this trend.

Now, it is not said that everyone should go head over heels and start signing up for the myriad online universities out there. But then again, just checking those out could not hurt, or so we hope. Online universities have truly come to offer a lot in the way of affordability. And making education affordable today should be one of the top educators of educators of all stripes.

You main be a passionate detractor of online universities, but then you ought to admit that there is a problem with how education is being priced. And if you pronounce yourself against the proliferation of methods of instructions, then you should have a very good reason for it.

Sure, some would claim that online education just does not cut it. And they will be right, up to a point. But universities do leave out a lot of bright students out there, and when bright people are left out the door, they find a way. And as the number of bright people grows, so do possible solutions for a problem that is otherwise easy to tackle. You can have your pick – scholarships, reduction of costs, or simply offering partial scholarship to everyone would all come very handy. However, in their pursuit of upgrading their facilities, mainstream universities have somewhat failed regular students leaving them pretty much out disappointed and hopes dash.

Can you imagine the university you wanted to apply at for three years closing the door at you with a rather flimsy explanation that makes the blood boil. We can, and it has happened before. And as this continue to occur over and over again, so will people continue to find ways and to make education available to all and sundry and we hold this to be a very noble aspiration indeed.

Whatever you do, wherever you want to study, know that there are always options and you are not the only one who has to toe the line. Not always, at least.


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