BP Cambridge Scholarship for Egyptians in UK, 2018

Cambridge University is offering apt students hailing from Egypt a scholarship in the United Kingdom for the academic 2018/2019 year. This is an opportunity that we advise against passing up on.

There are several relevant fields of study, including business studies, economics, development studies, and subjects relevant to petroleum studies.

The award of the scholarship is all-fees-covered scholarship as well as a college fee taken care of. An additional annual stipend sufficient for one student will also be made available. Also, contributions will be made to handling travel costs.

As the University of Cambridge strives to bring more apt students from all over the world on its campus, we ought to ask ourselves if education today is being fairly unfair, with only those being wealthy enough to afford it, being let in the secret hallways of education.

The argument runs that education is granted based on merit,  when in fact merit has come to signify more when picking the right candidate for a job. More so, universities are now interested if a candidate can make it through the whole process of learning without running out of money. Butit is not the university’s responsibility to make its prices bearable. No, instead, students have to make sure they can foot the bill.

In fairness, the stipends offered by Cambridge are among the most generous in the world and as such it would be difficult to talk bad about the institution. However, it is still rather unfair that so many academically apt students are left out for no better reason that the mere fact they did not have sufficient funds to pay for their education.

We hope to see scholarships intensifying so much that not only one or two country-specific candidates are let into universities.

We would like to see that online universities and online college degrees apply enough pressure on traditional universities that they can no longer stand it and begin to crack.

We believe in online universities and online college degreeswill be major game changer when it comes to university. They have already started to make mainstream universities push for serious changes and we believe more will come and prices will fall. Healthy competition, it turns out, always helps.


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