Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholarship for Developing Countries, 2018

The Cambridge University is back again and it wants to offer all prospective graduate students a great opportunity to apply for a fully-funded Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholarship. The offer is available for the 2018/2019 academic session. Great offers for you and everyone interested to study at this level of academia.

Now, the scholarships is specifically tailored for candidates applying for a Master’s degree. The commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom is charged with drafting the Commonwealth Scholarship Plan.

As to the award that is being conferred to the successful candidates, they are exempt of all tuition fees. In addition, they will receive an annual stipend. Lastly, they will also get one return economy airfare. The deadline is set for 15 November 2017, so hurry up while there is still time.

As an alternative, an online college degreecan prove really useful to any candidate that is looking for a cheap and wroth-it way into education. We maintain that the online college degree is one of the best ways to get some hands-on experience on what education at the highest level looks like.

Online education as a whole is quite a useful way of advancing and consolidating your knowledge of any subject. It offers a great versatility and flexibility. Candidates need worry about anything related to the educational process itself. Why? Simply because you call the shots in online education. Fret not when it comes to arranging your own schedule – that is easy! You can attend classes at various online courses whenever you feel like it. There are no constraints. The confines of the digital classroom have been diminishing so much that they are almost nonexistent these days.

So, we have given you a thorough account of what online education today is like. Moving forward, we believe it will be a real toss up for anyone to decide if they want a normal scholarship and mainstream university or just go after an online institution of learning instead. Why? It boils down to the mere fact that people like their individuality and the freedom that studying online confers onto them. Mainstream universities could have been the only bastion of learning for years now, but that may be about to change.


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