Fully Funded Lego Cambridge Scholarship for PhD Students Worldwide, 2018

The online university has truly come to dominate the news today as the learning institution of tomorrow. There is hardly anything bad that can be said about online university. As long as they have a great number of subscriptions, people will continue to come in droves for two simple reasons:

  • Online universities try to uphold the quality of the service they offer
  • Mainstream universities have been failing

So education’s transformative power has come home to roost so much that education is being transformed itself from the inside out. To any keen observer this would be a most interesting trend. It will also get doomsayers thinking right there on the spot. Are the days of traditional education numbered? Will the classroom disappear altogether.Or better yet: which will disappear first, the classroom or the teacher? We are still unsure about any of those questions.

Now, as education has gone digital so have degrees. An online masters degree can now be easily acquired on the Internet. Admittedly, it will require diligence and aptitude on the part of the candidate, but overall it is not that much of a grueling task to carry out well and in full. An online masters degree these days also weighs much more than it used to back in the day. A number of educators will strive to benefit from their experience and sign up to teach such degrees online. This cuts both ways – on the one hand it offers access to cheap education, on the other it allows for a source of extra income to lectors.

We ought to ask ourselves if this is the right thing to do. What we mean to say is, if you are a student attending a regular university and paying a hefty price tag, would you be against finding out that your teacher is also having his own virtual classroom where students are charged less for the exact same curriculum you have listened to, and not only that, but students there undergo the same tests as you do, with the professor allocating time to check homework and assign tasks.

It does seem like education and its transformation will spawn a few questions that may be a bit difficult to answer at first.

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