$750 Ruth Miller Challenge Scholarship

A lot of things have changed now when talking about college education and college in general. More and more students are reconsidering their options due to the numerous stressors that college presents to them. In addition to that, the academic load of tertiary education has increased by a considerable amount, again, causing more students to consider giving up on school. […]

$500Annual Student Scholarship

Due to the various challenges faced by students and the people surrounding them, college education has slowly but surely become a luxury only a few can afford. Proven by the increasing prices of fees and materials for school, tertiary education has actually become quite inaccessible for aspirants. To add to that, a lot of college students have also been dealing […]

$1000 James and Eva Ann Elmer Scholarship

  College education has somewhat become more inaccessible to a lot of students nowadays due to certain challenges facing them as well as the people around them. Nowadays college has been asking more from their students in terms of academic load, forcing some of them to reconsider their options such as dropping from school or transferring to somewhere else. In […]

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